Elucigene QST*R-21 Euplex

Elucigene QST*R-21 Euplex is a supplemental kit designed to be used in conjunction with QST*R or QST*RplusV2 IVD kits, for the routine quantitative in vitro diagnosis of trisomies associated with Chromosome 21 (Down syndrome). The assay provides a total of 8 chromosome 21 markers with 3 additional markers to QST*RplusV2. QST*R-21 Euplex is intended to be used on DNA extracted from either amniotic fluid or chorionic villus samples (CVS) taken during amniocentesis. QST*R-21 Euplex is intended to be used in conjunction with other diagnostic procedures to support or discount the proposed clinical diagnosis.

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Elucigene QST*R-21 Euplex


Chromosomal Aneuploidy Detection: 1, QF-PCR Analysis Technique, 10 Tests

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QSTR-21 Euplex GeneMapper Files | QSTR-21 Euplex GeneMarker Files | QSTR-21 Euplex Report Template