Watch and learn about the new EAA/EMQN guidelines for Y Microdeletion testing

Male Factor Infertility

  • Detect and analyse Y - microdeletions associated with Male Infertility
  • Detection of sex chromosome aneuploidy
  • Uses EAA/EMQN guidelines
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A Single tube assay containing

  • AMEL, TAF9 and X and Y specific markers for sex chromosome aneuploidy
  • Y microdeletionssY84, sY86, sY127, sY134, sY254, sY255
  • Poly T (5T, 7T, 9T) detection

The Elucigene Male Factor Infertility kit detects sex chromosome aneuploidy and chromosome Y microdeletions. It uses EAA/EMQN prescribed markers and primers to detect Y chromosome microdeletionsaffecting the AZFa, AZFband AZFcregions in accordance with best practice guidelines.

The extension kit is available with 11 additional markers for microdeletions associated.

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