About us

Elucigene assays have provided cost-effective solutions to clinical testing since 1994 and continue to be the first choice of assays in many laboratories around the world. If you are looking for quality and innovative products manufactured by the experts in genetic assay design and development, our responsive support services will assist the implementation of Elucigene in your laboratory.

Product information brochures are available to view or download, and contact details are provided should you require further information. On these pages you’ll also find all the information you need to perform your genetic testing using Elucigene products. A simple registration procedure gives access to all the instructions for use, guides to analysis and software template downloads to ensure you achieve maximum productivity from your Elucigene workload.

Elucigene products are designed and developed to deliver high information content but with unbeatable simplicity of use. Genetic analysis is a complex process. Our ethos is to simplify the process and make testing quicker and easier. That’s why we develop highly multiplexed assays that provide maximum clinically relevant content just by adding DNA.

At Elucigene Diagnostics we are committed to responding to current and future clinical testing needs through our research and development programs, manufacturing innovative products with the simple aim of delivering clarity without complexity.


mike-webb Mike Webb Managing Director

Mike has 31 years of DNA diagnostics experience in technical, research and management roles and 19 years involvement in the inception, growth and development of the Elucigene business. He has been involved in the Elucigene business since its origin in 1992 and has held various roles in Product Development, Manufacturing and Quality Assurance. Mike was General Manager of Tepnel Diagnostics with accountability for the Elucigene business from 2004 to 2011. On the acquisition of Tepnel by Gen-Probe/Hologic, Mike was Senior Director for Gen-Probe’s European Research and Development program, including responsibility for the continued operation and support of the Elucigene business. In October 2013 Mike, in partnership with Scott Higgins, successfully completed the acquisition of the Elucigene business from Gen-Probe/Hologic with plans to grow and develop Elucigene as the leading developer and supplier of genetic analysis assays for clinical use.